D’Rich is a place where you can have a place to dine good food at the affordable price. D’ Rich is having a few outlet in Klang Valley and the one we visited will be located at the Dataran Sunway Mentari. The shop is named with the tagline “King of Good Food” indeed a blast and I am going to find out more about it too.

We had started our meals with some soup to hot our tummy before heading to the main.Sup Kambing is one of Malaysian Indian and Indonesian cuisine’s best-known dishes. The mutton is well cooked for houurs and bringing the taste out and it is served in a cute tiny bread. It is indeed a filling meals indeed which is thick and the taste is filling.
Price: RM 8.90

Besides the Soup Kambing, they do also offers something lighter which is the Pumpkin Soup. The mouthwatering pumpkin soup is indeed rich and thick which is full of the aroma of the well blended pumpkin. Aside, D’Rich also put in the efforts in choosing the best pumpkin from their garden to serves customers with the best of all.
Price: RM 6.90

Special Egg in the Bread Bowl will be an awesome meal to dine for a breakfast.D Rich had offers with the crispy and delicate wholemeal bread to serves the customers and it would be 2 omega eggs is being served together.
Price: RM 5.80

A salad of course in indeed nice to starts of the meal. D’Rich offeres their speciality D’Rich Rainbow Salad which is the feast of 7 different colorful vegetables which is being tossed in extra virgin olive oil dressing. This is where you may have breadcrumbs, vegetables, baby tomatoes, purple cabbage, onions and more to be the healthy ingridients to start off your meal.
Price: RM 9.90

We then are being served with a fragrant nasi lemak which the side dishes of Mutton Curry as well as ikan bilis and sambal together. The meal had brought a delectable fragrance taste from the rice as well as the mutton is simply tender as well. As for the rice, D Rich had made a good solution for families and it is simply healthy meal to have too. There is a choice of white rice, chicken rice, and the rich Brown rice to choose if they does not prefer the santan rice.
Price: RM 12.90

Next coming in the list, we had tried is the Braised Mutton Rice. This is where they are using the best part of the meat to get the best natural flavors. The overall taste is simply good and it has the umph of the flavour of the mutton. The portion is good enough for one and it ‘s meat is also simply tender as well.
Price: RM 12.90

I smells a nice smells of petai! We had the Sambal Petai Fried Rice where I can smell the fragrance of the petai from afar. I am simply enjoying the mouthwatering sambal petai as well as the fresh prawns which is served together with it and the meals is simply so appetizing.
Price: RM 10.90

If you love some fried items, I would recomend having the “Char Koay Teow Mee” which is the combination of both Koay Teow and Yellow Mee. One of the best thing is the noodles is being stirfried with the fried with salted egg which is indeed a delighting offering to me.
Price: RM 8.90

I also had the Grilled FusionSalmon which is where the Norwegian Salmon is being grilled and serves together with the rice and vegetables as well. The plate of the delights is indeed a big portion of the Normay Salmon which is finely cutted and is served in the special sauce.
Price: RM 24.90

Aside, they have the signature Seafood White Tomyam as well if you are thise who loves to have noodles and tomyam. The portion is big and they have served with the fresh prawns, clams as well as fish meat with it.
Price: RM 13.90

– The Set-

“Yi Tong Fan” is a meal which is served with 3 sidelines which is mostly focuses on city folks like me which rarely cook. There is a nourishing soup which changed each day and a vegetables and egg as sideline. As for the main course you will grab a try of the spicy Sambal Sotong, Prawn and Petai rice with it.
Price: RM 12.90

For pasta lovers you will indeed will be falling in love with the Pan Seared Dory Fish Spaghetti which is simply creamy and chessy. The spaghetti is served with the strong and creamy based pasta and the dory fish is well made which I hardly can taste the fishy smells of the fish itself.
Price : RM 16.90

Besides the heavy mains, they do serves snacks as well. D’Rich Fried Chicken Wings is being served in a pair and it is being marinated by their home recipes.
Price: RM 7.90

Aside, they have the Pan Grill Chicken Burger which is well made and the bread is a wholemeal bread instead of normal bread. D’rich does not use any chicken patty but the burger is served with the chicken thigh whcih is being grilled and sandwiched with the healthy vegetables and sauce with it.It is served together with the fries with it.
Price: RM 8.80

Desserts is back in place to finish our meal. D’Rich Special ABC with Durian is where the Ais Kachang which is served with the colored syrups, gula melaka, red beans,chendol and the corns with it. But what additional things they add in? Its durian ice cream which is home-made. The durian ice cream is simply unresisitable for a durian lover like me where you can smells the fragrant durian smell from afar with the D24 durian flesh with it in the ice cream.
Price: RM 9.80

American Chocolate Cake is what we had tried which turns to be rich and the texture of the cake is good with the bitter sweet chocolate taste with it. And what they have with it is the gold leaf ontop of the cake which is made from real gold and best of all you can put it in to the mouth.

Aside, we sampled the Olive oil cake and it taste uniquely with the tender and spongy cake and the cake really melts in the mouth.

Ribena Lychee Soda

Honey Bitter Gourd

Strawberry Yogurt Shake

D’Rich Coffee Ice
Price: (Ice) RM3.80 (Hot) RM2.80

* All price are subjected to 10% service charge


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D’Rich @ Dataran Sunway Mentari
No. 1 Ground Floor
Jalan PJS 8/5
Dataran Mentari
46150 Petaling Jaya
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/drichelite


  1. Kent says

    Food was awful… Been to the Sunway Mentari Branch and I found hair in my food. I voiced my dissatisfaction but no apology!

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