Another year had passed and CNY is coming. We waved buy to Little Rabbit and welcoming the year of Dragon. This time, we are fortunate being invited for the review at Lai Ching Yuen for their CNY meal.

– One of the private rooms-

The restaurant is well decorated and they have a few private rooms to serve the customers. There is small one which can accomadate about 4 pax and a big round table for 10 pax. The decoration is very nice and making me impressed with it.

– The lo sang-

– After the sauce and everything had been poured-

– The small portion of it-

We start of our meal with the Prosperity Yee Sang with fresh scallop and mango. The delight comes with raw fish where in Lai Ching Yuen, they serve us with the fresh salmon.Aside, and you may find a mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. When the yee sang is served, the waitress will say some rymthms of good luck and prosperity when serving. The yee sang is also being served with the big chewy Austrian Scallops which is my favorite of all. The pure strawberry sauce with plum sauce is being poured into the yee sang and then it is time to lou. It is a tradition that yee sang which is being “lou” need to say wishes and need to take as high as possible so wishes can come true. I really love the yee sang as the scallops is nice and the sauce pouring in it really makes me fall in love with it.
Price: RM118++ for half portion , RM228++ for whole portion

– Before Cut Pork Knuckle-

– After Cut Pork Knuckle-

Next we are being served with Roasted Pork Knuckle. The roasted pork knuckle is not enough to feed us. So you can imagine how delicious is it? The pork knuckle is being roasted till crispiness and crusty in the in outside and juicy in the inside. The pork knuckle is very fragrant in smell where we can smell the taste of it when it is being served. The meat is very tender, flavorful, and aromatic, and make for a hearty meal. If, you would like to have this for your meal, book it early about 2-3 days in order to enjoy the speciality pork knuckle.
Price: RM80 per pork knuckle

– Braised dried oyster and bean curd skin with black sea moss-

– Nearer View-

Braised dried oyster and bean curd skin with black sea moss is also a must for CNY delight. The high quality oyster is well braised with the bean curd skin as well as munchy mushrooms is great. The texture of the dried oyster is amazingly delicious with the soft bean curd is very nice. It is also served with the mushroom as well and abalone with it.
Price: RM98++ for small portion, RM196++ for big portion

– The Personal Portion of Cod Fish-

– The Nearer View-

Steamed cod fish with light soy sauce is another serving we had. The cod wish is being prepared in seperate portions where each of us will get a plate of it. I felt the preparation of the fish is this way really good as we do not need to cut the fish and all of us can sit down and enjoy the nice fish. The portion is good enough for one. The cod fish tasted so fresh, tender and velvety smooth with a hint of natural milky flavour in the palate. What I love the most is there is no fishy smell.
Price: RM38++ per piece

– The Claypot rice with waxed meat-

– The Wax Meat-

– The Claypot rice with waxed meat when it is mixed together-

Claypot rice with waxed meat is also being served to us. The Chinese Sausages are specially imported from Hong Kong to make the claypot rice. In the rice, you not only tasted the lap cheong but you can also taste the lap mei as well.
Price: RM25 per person

We finish our meal with the Double boiled hasma with red dates. The dessert is served warm and the taste is not really sweet. It is refreshing having the dessert
Price: RM28++ per person

Lai Ching Yuen 荔晶园
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
Level 1, 160, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2117 4180
GPS : N03 08.888′ E101 42.697′
Facebook –

Operating Hours:
Lunch :
Monday to Friday : 12:00 to 14:30
Weekend and Public Holiday : 11:00 to 14:30 (Dim Sum available)
Daily : 18:30 to 22:30


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