Penang people would surely know this you tiao stall. The stall is open since early 70s by a lady named Ying Jie who is also a friend of my grandparents. Since a kid, we always buy the yao tiao from her and
It has been over20 years. The You tiao(油条) or you char kway(油炸鬼) started with a stall and now they moved to a shop but it doesn’t has any signboard or even a name for this shop.

A lot of people love You Tiao here due to it is crunchy and aromatic. The You Tiao still remains crunchy next morning for breakfast with coffee or soy milk. That’s make it different.
Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.20

Address: 76,Cintra Street,10100 Penang.
Opening hour: 12pm until 8pm

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