The New Cathay Shop in Bukit Jambul is a place which serves a lot of choices of hawker delights and you can find many of Penang Specialties here. The shop is alike an old shank where you can enjoy Penang Kopi-O together with the hawker delights.

The Char Koay Teow is nothing special in Penang as it is one of the most wanted food I can say in Penang. The stall here serves char koay teow but the taste is slightly not as nice as the one I had in Pulau Tikus. The koay teow is well fried with prawns and egg and it does not have much lard.
Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 3.50

Chee cheung fan here is not bad in taste but the sauce is slightly salty only.
Taste: 2/5
Price: RM 2.00

Prawn mee here is kinda nice where the soup is well made and the authentic taste of the prawn paste. Served with a choice of bihun or yellow noodles
Taste: 3/5
Price : RM 3.50

Bee thai bak soup is my order. The bee thai bak is cooked with hot chicken broth soup and serves with fish cakes, minced pork as well as fish balls.
Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 3.50

Char koay kak which or so called fried carrot cake is rice cakes fried in thick black soy sauce, with eggs, bean sprouts and chye por (preserved vegetable bits).
Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 2.50


Jalan Bukit Gambir,
11900 Penang.

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