I saw the little teddy and make me walk and have a try of the ice creams. The Gelatamio an Italian brand ice creams is my try of the day. Their geleto is made from 100% NATURAL ingredients. There are also no preservatives, no artificial flavorings, no colorings, no gelatin, no animal fat related emulsifiers witg thw milk based ice cream average 94% fat-free while the water based ice cream is 99% fat free.

We ordered a choice of 2 ice creams which is the passion fruit sorbet as well as rum and raisins.

The Rum & Raisin was superb where it every spoon was packed with distinctive Rum flavour and there were a lot of raisin chunky bits. The ice cream was smooth and texture is nice. The passion fruit sorbet is also full with the passion fruit taste and is nice and delighting.

1st Floor, Gurney Plaza, 170-014-K01,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang
Tel: 04-226 8382


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