Nyonya Colors specializes in homemade nyonya kueh and local delights. My visit here is mainly for the nyonya kuih which I love the most. I had been really in love with the nyonya kuih which I really always wanted to travel down to Melaka or Penang for those Nyonya delights.

The traditional kuih is really delighting and they have a large of variety of choices like 9 layer kuih, kuih koci, kuih lapis, kuih talam and more.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 0.90 each

Being a laksa lover, I would definitely not to say NO to asam laksa. The laksa taste was not bad not comparing to Penang Laksa. The laksa gravy is very thick and there is quite much ingridients on it.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 9.00

Another of our order will be Nasi Lemak Pandan where it comes with the rice filled with green pandan smells. It is served with curry chicken which is very nice and the santan taste is really delighting
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 9.90

We also make an order of Thab Thim Krob a Thai dessert where it is served with santan and water cheesnut as well as slices of nangka. A sweet dessert not to be missed.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3.50

* All food are subjected to 6% government tax.

Level 1, 1-Utama Old Wing

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