I supposed Mc Donalds is most of the youngster or can say everyone is aware of it? The fast foo d restaurant is always providing new menus to attract the customers. Aside KFC , Pizza Hut and more, Mc Donalds do have its own marketing way to hold back their customer.

Recently, Mc Donalds had make a hit with the latest TWIST, the McDonalds Twist which is the latest Spicy Chicken Mc Deluxe many people favorites to Black Pepper Chicken Mc Deluxe. The meal is simply a hit where the Black Pepper Chicken Mc Deluxe is providing the black pepper fans to grab a bite. The tender meat alike the Spicy Chicken Mc Deluxe , they had just add in with extra black pepper only.

As for the fries, if purchasing a large fries, you are entitled for a TWIST of spicy sprinkle powder for your fries. This promo is while stock last. Grab it when you see it.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 11.90 (L)

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