A brand new Siew Yok shop had just opened in Taman Megah and we are able to see banners everywhere around PJ Town on the opening of the shop. As so, we went for a try but ended up a big disappointment. The restaurant is situated just next few block from the Restaurant Ku Kua. The restaurant does not offer much choice of food except for 2 types which is Char Siew and Siew Yok only. NO chicken at all.

Char Siew Rice which is being served is not much. It is just a few bites of it and the rice is simply hard and not much a delighting one. The chilly sauce had a different taste of it and there is no soup or no sauce is served. The portion is small and there is a big slice of fat in the middle of the char siew. 

Taste: 0/5
Price: RM 8.50 (Opening promo : RM 4.50)

Char Siew Siew Yok Rice comes only with few piece of char siew and siew yok. The siew yok is a bit not too delighting which the look is a bit dull and looks like is not well grilled. The siew yok is hard and the taste is weird.

Taste: 0/5
Price: RM 8.50 (Opening promo : RM 4.50)

* Payment Terms: Cash
Opening Hours: 11am till 3pm
Phone: 019-2125 866
Address: 25, Jalan SS23/15, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya (Just off LDP, after Tmn Megah)


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