Little Dim Sum Place @ SS2

Little Dim Sum Place is being voted as one the nicest dim sum in town by KLUE. This time, I make my visit there for some dim sum. The location is at the SS2 and it is just a few blocks away from the Maybank in SS2. As we are still not hungry, we just ordered some simple delights for a taste.

 I also make an order of the HK Chee Cheong Fan which is simply delighting. The soft chee cheong fan with prawns inside is making me more hungry. Nice and yummy I can say

 We ordered the King of Siew Mai. The name it self is capturing my eyes and we had an order of it. The siew mai is big and there is good ingredient like prawns in the siew mai. Nice and delighting one.

Sharkfin dumpling is my order but the taste is not too attractive. The taste is not really nice and delighting as well.

Dear ordered porridge with Century Egg which he says the taste is quite nice. The portion is just a small one and a good one for supper.

The sesame tong sui is nice and delighting. The taste is delighting and is smooth as well. Nice and yummy
Lastly, the not too nice mango rice ball is my selection. Looking at the promo, the mango banner, it is capturing my eyes and so I make an order on this. But it looks like disappointing me for this time. The soup is made from ginger soup alike tang yuen soup and the taste of the ginger is very strong. The rice ball is wrapped with mango syrup. In it and when you take a bite of it the mango syrup will flow out. The taste overall is just in par only.
King Of Siew Mai: 5/5
Sharkfin Dumpling: 3/5
Porridge with Century Egg: 4/5
Sesame Tong Sui: 4/5
Mango Rice Ball: 2/5
Chee Cheong Fan: 4/5
King Of Siew Mai: RM 5.50
Sharfin Dumpling: RM 4.20
Porridge with Century Egg: RM 2.70
Sesame Tong Sui: RM 2.30
Mango Rice Ball: RM 4.40
Chee Cheong Fan: RM 3.50
NO 12, JALAN SS2/63,
TEL: 03-7873 1876
GPS LOCATION: N 03 7.099’  E 101 37.363’

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