Teluk Kumbar Seafood (or Chinese name: How Peng You or Good Friends)

Teluk Kumbar Seafood (or Chinese name: How Peng You or Good Friends) is one of the places in Penang where you may find the cheap servings of seafood . The place is located at the southern part of the island by the beach side of a coastal fishing village. Perhaps thast the reason for good delighting fresh seafood for an affordable price is not a problem. Jason Tan , one of the celebrities had also make his move to taste and shows on this restaurant. You may find people having their dinner as early as 5 pm and will be packed about 6 – 7 pm.
So, this time, we reach there bout 6.00 pm to enjoy the seafood there. You may also enjoy the beautiful view of the sky and beaches there while waiting for your meal. So, we went there slightly early. While waiting for meal to serves, you may go opposite to have a order of one of the delicious satay.
The satay here is not like those which comes with gravy and you dip by yourself. The satay is served hot and the sauce is being bbq together.
Next will be the food, is finally served on the table. The signature dish which is the fried sotong is finally served. Taste is simply nice and delighting. The sotong is nice and crispy. Really ichiban.
The kong poh mantis prawn is a bit disappointing. Perhaps the sauce does not match with the mantis prawns which make the overall dish not really delighting.

Other than that, we also ordered the Singapore Bihun. The Singapore Bihun here taste not bad. The taste is kinda nice but the bihun is a bit wet. Overall is a delighting one.
Kam Heung Mussel is our last order of the day. The Kam Heung which is spicy had makes our taste buds burning hot. The overall taste is quite nice but is a bit spicy. The mussel is big as well.
The refreshing coconut juice is a choice when having our meal. The coconut juice which is the Thai coconut is delighting. Nice and refreshing juice of the day

Satay: 5/5
Fried Sotong: 5/5
Kong Poh Mantis Prawn: 2/5
Singapore Bihun:3/5
Kam Heung Mussel: 3/5
Coconut Juice: 4/5

Satay: RM 0.70/ stick
Fried Sotong: RM 8
Kong Poh Mantis Prawn: RM 10
Singapore Bihun: RM 6
Kam Heung Mussel: RM 10
Coconut Juice: RM 4.00

84, MK 9,
( It is located behind the old yellow bus station)
Tel: 04-6491403

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