Lims Tau Fu Fa @ SS2

Lims Tau Fu Fa is listed in Chui Ling book “ One Day Five Meals” . As so we make a try on this. The stall is a van which is selling around the SS2 area just infront of Bakers Cottage. The stall will be opened during the day about 11 am and till night. We had a try there where we purchased the soya milk as well as the tau fu fa.

The soya milk is nice and delighting as is fresh. I love the soya milk most

As for the tau fu fa, the taste is nice and the tau fu fa is also very smooth. Nice and delighting. Yummy!!

Tau Fu Fa: 4/5
Soya Milk: 4/5

Tau Fu Fa: RM 2.20
Soya Milk: RM 1.50

Around Bakers Cottage @ SS2

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