Penang Delights at Little Penang Café, The Curve

Little Penang Café is located in The Curve served a varies of choices on the authentic Penang food. If you miss the Penang Food, you may take a chance to go for this one which the taste is simply authentic and nice.

This visit, I tried the Siam laksa. Siam Laksa is basically called Lemak Laksa in Penang which the soup is mainly more on the coconut millk rather than sour. The overall taste of it is nice. For ingredient wise, the ingredient is similar to the asam laksa except for the soup. Overall I can say the laksa is simply delighting

As for dear, he ordered the Penang Prawn Mee. The Penang Prawn Mee is simply authentic. Having the delighting bites and taste of the Penang flavors is simply making me feels like home. The taste is nice and delighting with the spicy chillies together to add on. Yummy. I can say it simply delicious.

We also taste the ABC as well as the water chesnut. Water chesnut is my love and everywhere i go if i simply saw waterchesnut, without hesitation i will give a try. It is actually the combination of the flavoring water chesnut together with coconut milk and nangka. For this one, it is not getting me to fall in love with it yet but the taste is still above par.

Dear ordered the ABC instead. The ABC taste was nice and it comes with red beans, the sweet corn as well as nice and yummy ice flavoring with rose syrup and sarsi syrup and lastely the peanuts. The overall taste is nice.


Prawn Mee: 4/5
Siam Laksa: 4/5
ABC: 3/5
Water chesnut :3/5

Prawn Mee: RM 9.80
Siam Laksa: RM 9.80
ABC: RM 4.80
Water chesnut : RM 4.80

Charges does not include 10% service charge and 5% government tax

G43. Ground Floor,
The Curve
Tel: 03-7728 0215

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