Pan Mee@ Paramount Garden Restaurant

There is a Pan Mee shop which is famous among the locals and workers , OL in the area of Taman Paramount. This shop is famous for the Pan Mee where you have to wait for your place in the shop when comes to lunch time.

The loh pan mee is said to be famous but we did not order them this time. We ordered the normal pan mee instead where Kelly ordered the Pan Mee Dry with the thin noodles while me ordered the same but the rough noodles. As for dear, he ordered the soup Pan mee.

All can say each of us ordered a different style of noodles. The pan mee is nearly the same taste as the differences is just on the noodles it self. Overall I can say the mee is great.

The pan mee soup is comes with the ikan bilis as well as the vege to taste. It is mostly some will put some seaweed as well in it,

Other than the soup type, there is also one with the dry pan mee which ca say it is certainly nice and delicious as well.

Overall I can say the meal is simply delighting and the price is kinda reasonable as well.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 17.00 inclusive 3 drinks
GPS Coordinate : N3 06.550 E101 37.492

Location: Nearby Public Bank Sea Park.
Just down the road after the traffic light on the left.

Business Hour : 6.30am to 4.00pm

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