Disappointed Meal @ Tappan Yaki, Food Republic (PAVILION)

This is my bad experience of food.. Perhaps is it I am not lucky enough or the food quality here is already down graded? This time, we went for a try at Tappanyaki located in Pavillion. The shop is located at the LG of the building which is at the Pavillion Food Republic. The food here is consider high class food where many nice and yummy food outlet open here.

This time, we enters the door of the Tappanyaki which many claims to be one of the best but we found outs the food really below par and give us a big disappointment. What we order?

I ordered the chicken chop set. The chicken chop set is really below par. The set serves with vege as well as bean sprouts (taugeh). Both the vege and bean sprouts is not fresh. When its serves, the taste does not taste nice and it looks like it is not fresh at all. And the chicken too. The chicken is not fresh and I ave a munch of it, it give me a mind that the food had already being keep overnight and serves us.

Dear ordered Squid with Garlic set. Since the vege and bean sprouts are from the same sauce. Not to say is simply unbareable taste. As for the squids, it is also a disappointment meal. Not fresh at all.

Overall I can say the meal here gave me a big disappointment. Perhaps am I not lucky enough or i had a bad day of meal?

Chicken Chop Set: 0/5
Squid with Garlic Set: 0/5

Chicken Chop Set: RM 15
Squid with Garlic Set: RM17


Teppan Yaki
Food Republic,
Apex Excellent
Lot 1.41.00, :evel 1, Pavillion KL
168, Bukit Bintang,
51500 Kuala Lumpur

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