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Pinang Latta Seafood a place which i love the steamboat the most, Today I am not going for the steamboat but this time i am going for the stir fried. There are lots to eat here. The restaurant serves a large variety of seafood and I saw a few times with my own eyes, many people had their birthday party there as well. Business here is good as well.

This time, my visit will be on the stir-fried. The stir fried here is also very nice. We ordered the Seafood Tomyam Soup which it comes with a nice and yummy tomyam soup which is own made and spicy. The soup from my understanding is not from bottle paste mix but they have their own recipes on their own. The tomyam seafood is having shrimps, sotongs as well as crabs inside. The soup of super nice and delighting. Spicy and smells good.

We also ordered the Portugese Prawns which is something different. The portugese prawn taste is simply delighting and nice where it comes with the tasty buds of Portugese Sauce and fresh prawns.

Aside we ordered the Sizzling Taufu which i love the most as well. The sizzling taufu which is so nice and the taufu which is smooth texture really burn my lips. The food here I can say is simply delighting and my choice of food

Lastly, not to be neglected is the Oyster Sauce Sang Choy which is a bit of disappointment. The oyster sauce was so plentiful which makes is not really nice. Overall I can say is a delighting dinner. Yummy..

Taste :
Seafood Tomyam Soup:5/5
Portugese Prawn:5/5
Sizzling Taufu: 4/5
Oyster Sauce Sang Choy : 2/5

Seafood Tomyam Soup:RM 30.00
Portugese Prawn:RM 30.00
Sizzling Taufu:RM 12.00
Oyster Sauce Sang Choy:RM 8.00

Environment: 3/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Pinang Latta Seafood
3G, 5G, Block 5,
Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2,
Taman Usahawan,
51200 KL

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