Old Town, Teluk Intan

Is now in Teluk Intan at last. Old Town Coffee had opened their new market in Teluk Intan and it can be said to have a good business there as well and a new place for youngsters to gather around besides Mc Donalds which is around the corner. Me and dear went to have a taste in this restaurant at night.

Not comparing of food, the service here is really bad. Not proactive and efficient as well. It takes us more than 10 minutes for the menu to arrived at our table and 10 minutes to order the food. Gosh!!!

The food is served at last.. but the toast is a cold one compare to the one i have in KL and Penang. The coffee is still not bad. Still served hot but overall i can say that it is a disappointment meal instead.

Toast: 1/5
Hainan’s Coffee: 3/5

Toast: RM 1.40
Hainan’s Coffee: RM 3.80

* Price will be adding a 10% service tax and 5% gov tax

Lot G27 & G28, Rapid Mall, Seri Intan,
Jalan Changkat Jong,
36000 Teluk Intan,

Tel: 05-621 8961
Fax: 05-6218961

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