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Gloria Jeans coffee can be said one of the popular choice of coffee aside Starbucks and Coffee Bean. There are a wide choices of coffee available here like Latte, Expresso and more. Not only for coffee lovers, it also able to be a choice for tea lovers as well as juice lovers.They have many choices of the nice coffee and all. If you are digi customer, you are also entitled for discount as well.

This time, I went with dear for a trial of smoothies and coffee. The coffee we ordered is a Regular Chreme Brulee Chiller which is simply creamy and full of the authentic coffee smell. The aroma of the coffee was amazingly nice and it really makes me a whole night awake with the blended coffee and the chilling taste of it.

As for dear, he ordered the Regular Strawberry Smoothies. Is a Simply Strawberries with a taste of pure blended creamy strawberry . The taste is ok but is kinda thick and heavy.

Overall is quote nice

Regular Strawberry Smoothies: 4/5
Regular Creme Brulee Chiller: 3/5

Regular Strawberry Smoothies: RM 13.00
Regular Creme Brulee Chiller: RM 12.00
* Prices does not include the additional 5% government tax.

Service: 4/5

The Curve,
LG Z, 23, The Curve,
Fashion Walk,
Tel: 03-7728 6680

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