Taiwan Delights @ Taiwan Bull Restaurant, Queensbay Mall, Penang

In Penang Queensbay Mall, Taiwan Bull is one of the few restaurants which sell Taiwan cuisine, and it’s the only one which is specialize in Taiwan beef noodle. But for this time, i not going for beef but on the promotion during our visit to the mall. We went there this time specially for the Chicken Party.

The restaurant is generally quite small and it is warm inside. I am thinking if the mall aircond is not cold enough or just the restaurant is warm inside. It is also quite packed inside since the business is quite good. It is actuallly self services on the ordering where you need to pass the food ordering list to the counter

The “Chicken Party” set comes with two types of fried chicken where one is fried and another is like the chicken lo bak taste. The overall taste i can say is not bad but preferable i love the lo bak style rather than the fried chicken one.

Other than that, I also ordered the Fruitty ” Pow Pow” Frozie which is nice. It is actully some sorts of Taiwanese style of ABC which serves with fruits and ” Pow Pow”. The overall taste I can say is nice and it serves together with fruits like honey dew and water melon. The taste is also a bit soury as well.

Fruity “Pow Pow” Froozie:4/5
Chicken Party:2/5

Fruity “Pow Pow” Froozie:RM 7.00
Chicken Party: RM 2.00

Taiwan Bull
LG – 45 & 46, Queensbay Mall,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang,
Opening hour: 10 am -10.00 pm
Contact: 604-6440090
E- mail: [email protected]

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