Onn Kee chicken rice, IPOH

A MUST from Ipoh will be the chicken rice.There are so many chicken rice in Ipoh but the nice chicken rice shop and a famous one will be located in Oon Kee Chicken Rice. Oon Kee Chicken Rice is well known for its tender chicken meat and the freshness of the chicken.

As so, i love the chicken rice there. You can see from the wall of the shop where the chicken rice is so famous until so many HK artist is there to grab a taste of the chicken rice.

The beansprout was served nice as well. Even the shop is opened about 9 am, you can see many people will be start pouring in to get the taste of the delicious chicken rice for sure. A yummy delighting chicken rice to taste.. yummy.. i love it so much. Asides, the restaurant is also well maintained and it is clean.

Other than the chicken rice, another thing is the pork fishball is also a delighting one and a recommended one to try on.

A MUST TO TRY this restaurant.

Taste: 5/5
Price : RM 19

Restoran Onn Kee (Ayam Taugeh),
51, Jalan Yau Tet Sin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, MALAYSIA.

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  1. gennie says

    2/10/12 tuesday 2.24
    Hi and hellos..i just finish my chicken rice at onn kee ipoh and all i can say VERY VERY BAD..all i can taste is salt and salt and more sal.The chicken is so soft soggy like chickenthe rice is still ok but the pork ball soup is the worst thing ever i have ever eaten…KL roadside chicken rice taste much better…take my advice pls never ever come n eat here….

  2. Sin says

    shit went in wrong shop bad service requested a glass of warm water was neglected but the place just a few table occupied. Make complains to others and he bring a glass of tap water with not happy face. Please don’t go the shop again they just want make money I even paid 50 cent for that cup of water.

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