Meals at the Road Side of Seksyen 17

Seksyen 17 in the evening had quite a lot of stalls in the street for some local food. This time, we are craving from some local delicious food. One of them is the red bean soup which is simply delighting. The red bean soup does taste nice and oishi with a lot of red beans on it.. and it is not too sweet to have them.

Other than that, we ordered the char koay teow which don really taste nice. The taste is so so only .. The char koay teow is a bit wet which I don really like them ..

As for the laksa, the taste is not really nice and the smell is kinda weird. Perhaps, it is a bit too fishy which spoilt the taste of laksa. Overall, the taste is not really nice ..

Char Koay Teow: 2/5
Red Bean Soup : 3/5
Laksa: 1/5

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