Mango Rolls & Soy Milk Sweet Soup with Barley & Bean Curd Sheet @ Dim Pun Gor Gor


Is dessert time again. I am now in the dilemma of having dessert and this time, we went to Dim Pan Gor Gor which is located in Kepong for dessert. As i know they have a branch in SS2 which is the same row with the OSK Investment Bank.

The business was so good and what i can see is their menu is selling at RM 500 if you wanna purchased them.. Hmmm.. This time, me, dear and Carol went for the dessert soon. I ordered the Mango Rolls ( Mango Cheong Fun) which is served them like cheong fun but actually is not and with the mango inside. The “fun” is actually some coconut flavored jelly . The presentation is indeed eye catching with the special presentation. The taste is very special and nice.

Asides, Carol ordered the Soy Milk Sweet Soup with Barley & Bean Curd Sheet. For this, it is too sweet for us. But the taste is still nice not complaining on the too sweet. This is where the soya milk is combine with Barley and Bean Curd. It is indeed a special one as well

Overall the taste is not bad.

Mango Rolls: 5/5
Soy Milk Sweet Soup with Barley & Bean Curd Sheet:2/5

Mango Rolls: RM 8.00
Soy Milk Sweet Soup with Barley & Bean Curd Sheet: RM 4.00

* Prices of food not includeing 10% service charges and 5% service tax

D-G-6, Jalan Metro Perdana,
Taman Usahawan,
Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

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