Authentic Nyonya Kuih, Kedai Kuih A’han

A place in KL where you can find the authentic Nyonya Kuih. This shop serves authentic nyonya kuih where you can find a nember of choices as well as other pastries and local food as well. I had known about this from my collegue who always purchase the kuih from there. Asides from my collegue, the shop is listed inide The Star Street Food Guide book. It takes me sometime to find the shop as the map which is pin in The Star Street Food Guide is totally wrong until we asked around the locals.

At last we found them and the aunty was so good and let us snap the shop and the authentic nyonya kuih. The kuih had been selling like hot cakes and I am only able to grab some since most of it had sold out. So, you need to be early grab the nyonya delights

Some of the authentic nyonya kuih we bought from the shop.. Yummy..

Taste: 5/5
Price : RM 0.90 per piece

Kedai Kuih A’han
No. 16, Jln 21/22,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7874 4169

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