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Chef Delights a place for nice and reasonable price for a delighting western delights. The shop is located around the Pulau Tikus Market where you can find one of the famous Jones Road Indian Mee there. The coffeeshop is opened from daily and their off day is on Tuesday.

In the morning, you can have breakfast there with the servings of authentic Penang food and Chef’s Delights is operating from lunch time as well as dinner. They served the nice and reasonable western food where you can taste the fried rice, chicken chop, chicken marryland, fish & chips and many more. Prices will be around RM 7 and above based on what you order. Weekdays dinner should be fine but once you reach weekends, the food queue is so long and you may have to wait about half and hour for meal to served in front of you.

This time, we went for it.. YEAH .. after a few times back Penang.. I ordered the chicken marryland which comes with a fried chicken as well as other delights like fried banana, ham and bacon as well.. Em.. yummy and my love one is the fried banana.

Mum ordered the fish and chips which is nice as well and they are not using durry fish but other fishes. The fish meat is thick and is fresh.. Nice

Dear ordered the BBQ chicken where the chicken is being cooked together with the BBQ Sauce. The taste is nice and the chicken meat is soft as well.
Overall I can rate the meal is giving me a reasonable pricing with a mouth watering delighting meal..

Fish and Chips: 5/5
Chicken Marryland :5/5
BBQ Chicken :5/5

Fish and Chips: RM 7.90
Chicken Marryland : RM8.90
BBQ Chicken : RM 9.80

Chef Delights
Sin Hup Aun Coffeeshop,
Along Jalan Pasar, 10250 Pulau Tikus

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