The worst meal in Indulge, Tropicana City Mall

Egg was in the town and we met her and Ying in Tropicana City Mall. Em.. a very tropical feel more. We are not too sure what to eat and ended up walking around, we found this shop ” INDULGE” . Hmm.. Looking at the shop and the menu is quite attractive meal instead and we make our decision to go in and have a try.

Our Menu is shared.. since the shop is just opened not long, they have limited menu. So, we don really mind of the shared menu…and we started glance at the menu on what to eat.. Em.. Western, Asian or Pasta?? As i plan to go for other food later, i plan to share with dear on the food itself. Let’s see, what we ordered.

Egg ordered the Curry Laksa Noodles and Ing ordered the Oriental meal which is the Nasi Lemak and as for me and dear ordered the BBQ Chicken Rice. As for drinks , we ordered a Tropical Sunrise, 100 plus and a coffee.. So, order been taken..and since a long time haven met Egg which since our convocation which is about 3 years back, we talked a lot on our course mate updates.

Here the drinks arrived

The coffee is really kau and Ing say is nice and the smells of the coffee is delighting as well.


As for us, we ordered the Tropical Sunrise is indeed special as it comes with the blended juice of strawberry, banana and some other fruits. The taste is kinda delighting as well. Emm.. waiting time was kinda long and looks like our drinks is going to finish soon. Em.. looking at our watches like it’s half and hour gone but food had not served so we start to ask the waiter to enquire on our food.

Strawberry Gal : May I know when our food will arrived?
Waiter 1: ???
Strawberry Gal : May you called your captain?
…. and
we waited for about 5 minutes for the captain to arrived
Strawberry Gal : May I know …
Strawberry Gal BF: Is already half and hour

Gosh… and all our patience had gone.. but less than a minute, our food had served

Here comes Egg Food which is the Curry Laksa Noodles. According to Egg, the curry laksa was cold.. Oops.. and we had to asked the captain to make it hot..

Next comes ours, which is the BBQ Chicken Rice. Taste buds wise is still ok but the food is totally served cold..ish.. and until Ing turns of it serving, we can say we waited till we are too hungry and angry till there is no mood to capture the food pics.

Overall, i can say this is the worst food and services we ever taste.

Curry Laksa Noodles: 0/5
BBQ Chicken Rice: 3/5
Nasi Lemak: 1/5
Tropical Sunrise: 3/5
Coffee: 3/5

Service: 0/5 (BANNED)

Curry Laksa Noodles: RM 12.90
BBQ Chicken Rice: RM 13.90
Nasi Lemak: RM 11.90
Tropical Sunrise: RM 8.00
Coffee: RM 6.90
100 plus: RM 5.00

* prices are added with 10% Service Charges

FoodWorks Sdn Bhd
Loy L1.12, Level 1
Tropicana City Mall
No3, Jalan SS20/27,
47200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-77106112
GPS: 5.275829,115.248937

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Posted By : StrawberrY Gal
Homepage : malaysianfoodie


  1. Theeggyolks says

    i was producing "juice cake" the next day. i would never go again. i felt like cheated as well. the menu mention cockles inside the curry laksa. but i found a piece of chicken n few fishball inside. sigh.. the taste some more like …. sigh…cold dishes. even they warm it, i felt like eating overnite food. terrible. dont how to comment

  2. Hong CN says

    Pamela (if I spell your name right),

    if the food is very lousy until cannot accept, I think I won't post any picture – I rather capture the lousy manager face to show. 😛

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