Meals @ KLUANG station, 1 Utama

Kluang Station is my place for food when ever I am in 1-Utama. This shop is famous for its fried chicken which I love the most. For this time, we went for the Siam Noodles and the Inchi Cabin Chicken. The food here is simply delighting which I had come here for more.

The Siam Noodles is fried with tomyam and added with stripped fried egg and some lemon. The taste will be a bit sour but yet is nice. The meal also include sambal on the bihun as well.

Other than that, we also ordered the ichicabin chicken which was quite nice as well. The chicken is being fried and added with the special sauce that is simply delighting.

Fried Siam Bihun : 3/5
Ichicabin Chicken: 3/5

Fried Siam Bihun : RM 5.50
Ichicabin Chicken (half Chicken) :RM 10.90
* Prices will be added with 5% gov tax and 5% service tax

Kluang Station
LG 337,
One Utama Shopping Centre
Tel / Fax: 03-7710 1039
Email: [email protected]
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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