Loh Mee & Lo Bak @ Greenhouse , Jalan Burmah

Back to Penang late night and it seems like there is not much hawker food unless back to town to grab a bite of it. It has been years I had not been there for my supper. It has been a lot of yummy Loh Mee coming up and claims for the delicious one. For the one in Green house, many said the taste is nice and delighting..but as for the service wise is really bad. I really get fed up as there is no response when i ordered. And when i repeat again, gosh.. i get a scolding from the owner. Wat is this services? we pay money for the food and yet we get scolding. Aside of its services, the food taste is not bad and delighting. As for price, it is quite expensive

Other than that, I ordered a bit of loh bak which is Penang Specialist where the minced pork and being wrap with soya slices and being fried. The lo bak was very nice as well as the prawn crackers. But it is expensive lo

Loh Mee: 3/5
Loh Bak : 3/5

Loh Mee: RM 4.50
Loh Bak: RM 4.00

Green House Coffeeshop,
Along Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang

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