Delighting lunch @ Restaurant Muar, KL

Restaurant Muar is a place where you can have a taste of the authentic local Muar Delights. The restaurant is located the next road of Jalan Alor. A nice lady of Muar prepared the authentic dishes in the town. This is my first time went to this restaurant and I am being invited by a new friend, Joey to this restaurant for the nice meal. Thanks friend

The inside view is nice and there is a lot of antique and is cute little designs there. The place is also very nice and warm.

Not talking about the place, while waiting for our food, we snap some of the pictures inside the restaurant.

What we ordered includes the butter fried kalian. It is totally an unexpected meal. For me who is not a vege lover also fall in love with the kalian. The taste doesn’t seems like having vegetables.

The crispy fried egg was absolutely nice as well. The egg is fried until the taste is very crispy and from my understanding, the egg should be fried in a very hot boiling oil in order to make it so crispy.

The Stir fried thai style fish is also nice where the fish is being deep friend and it is poured with the spicy thai sauce which make it taste nice.

Another thing Joey recommend is the Muar Tau Fu.. This one the taste is not bad.. but is not my choices among all the food ordered.

As for the dessert, they serve the melacca chendol for just RM 1. The taste of the chendol is simply delicious as well as is not too sweet. Nice and delighting


Overall is 4/5

Cendol : RM1.00
Crispy Fried Egg with Soya Sauce: RM7.00
Butter Kailan: RM10

No. 6G, Tengkat Tong Shin
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03 2144 2072,012 219 2199

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