Breakfast @ Kheng Pin café, Jalan Penang

Kheng Pin Café is located in Penang city center, just a few minutes walk from Cititel Hotel. This Café is situated at the junction of Penang Road where you can find those old fashioned marble tables and wooden chairs.

The shop serves a nice and delighting loh bak. The loh bak here is served hot and crispy. My dad and i loves the fried prawns cackers as well as the nice lo bak here. The sauce was very thick and most of all whenever it serves, it is serves hot where it can burns your lips.

Be patient when you order as it may take about 15 – 30 minutes before your food is served.

Dear also ordered the cha koay teow which is not bad as well. The char koay teow here is also one of the nice char koay teow and taste is quite nice and the portion is not a big one

As for me, i ordered the famous steam chicken. Gosh, thats really a long wait for me. I nearly waited for half an hour for my chicken rice to be served. The chicken rice here is opened not so early about 11 am but it sells real fast. Be quick if you wanna grab a bite of it.

The meal here is considered not cheap based on Penang pricing and the food portion but food here is indeed worth to taste based on the quality of the food and is yummy

Lo Bak: 5/5
Chicken Rice: 4/5
Char Koay Teow: 4/5

Lo Bak: RM 4.50
Chicken Rice: RM 5.50
Char Koay Teow: RM 4.50

80, Jln Penang,
Pulau Pinang

Open: 7am-3pm
Close: Mondays

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