Asam Laksa from Pasar malam Cheras

Pasar Malam at Cheras is opened every Wednesday night and it is saidto be one of the longest Pasar Malam in town. You can find everything.. from dim sum to fried chicken, taufu busuk and many many more. There are also accessories as well of local food like nyonya kuih and many more.

One of the food I spotted is the asam laksa which is back till the end of the rows of stalls. The asam laksa taste is not bad but a bit spicy. The size is also quite a big one which I need to share with dear.. haha.. Overall I can say the asam laksa is ok la just a different kind of asam laksa which a bit spicy and they are using the tin sardine fish which make it not that nice.

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM4
Location: Pasar Malam Cheras, ( opened every Wednesday)
Posted By : StrawberrY Gal
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