Meals @ Super Tanker Food Centre (美丽华饮食中心)

Super Tanker in Lip Sin is a place where you are able to grab the local food of Penang. This place is famous among the locals nearby. It is a big food court where you can find Malaysia local food here. This includes westerns, char koay teow, prawn mee and many more. If you are thinking of having an economic food, this is the choice.

The food-court is open daily and they are open in certain hours of the afternoon as well as night. The off day I am not too sure. Some famous one as well as the awarded for award food and being interviewed by Malaysia TV channel (TV8) HO CHAK! Includes the pan cakes as well as the fried oyster.

This time, we had the char koay kak which the taste is simply nice. Char Koay Kak is quite hard to be found now. I don really know if it is because the food is hard to prepare or other reason behind. But this stall of Koay Kak is not bad in taste.

The fried chicken stall is also one of the famous one here. You can smell the chicken smell when you walk pass through and the taste is simply delighting. It is always selling like hot cakes. If you wanna grab a taste, be quick..

Other than that, the steam chicken rice is always my favorite here. The chicken is well steamed and is nice. The meat is tender as well. I always love the chicken rice here even though the price is simply killing if you are comparing the food in Penang


Lastly dear ordered the fried oyster which is quite nice. The fried oyster is served with a big oyster and the portion is quite worth for the money. The fried oyster here is claim as one of the nicest in Penang.

Char Koay Kak : 3/5
Fried Chicken: 4/5
Chicken Rice : 5/5
Fried Oyster: 5/5

Char Koay Kak: RM2.50
Fried Chicken: RM 2.50
Chicken Rice : RM 5.50
Fried Oyster: Various..

Super Tanker Food Centre (美丽华饮食中心)
Jalan Nipah,
Taman Lip Sin,
11900 Bayan Lepas,

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