Meal at thean chun, ipoh

Thean Chun is one of the famous location which serves an incredible Ipoh delicious food where you can find almost all the nicest thing there. Though the quality is slightly drop but the taste is neverless still acceptable nice and oishi.

The shop is a bit of the old old style and the place is quite cramp. Sometimes, you need to wait for a table to sit as the business here is very good. So, now is time to order after you got a place to sit. Dear and I with some friends ordered quite a lot of yummy food here.

The first thing we had ordered is chee cheung fan where it is different from the one in Penang or either other places. The chee cheung fan looks like a combination of Penang and Teluk Intan chee cheung fan.

The chee cheung fan is served like in Penang style but without the prawn sauce and sweet sauce. The different is also it can be served with chilly sauce or green prickled chilly of your choice.

Other than that, the satay here is not like in Penang or KL where how many we ordered they will served to us. The satay will be served on the table and they will bill you accordingly what you had eaten. That’s the different I can say on this .

The satay taste was not bad.. and there is quite many of variety where you can choose for chicken, beef, pork and certain areas of the animal parts to have. The sauce was also very delighting as well

Other than that, a MUST to have in Ipoh will be the bean sprout as well as the hor fan. It is believed by the locals and been in papers like The Star and more that the hor fan and bean sprout here is the most famous among all.

The hor fan here is simply nice though it had down grade a bit compare to my visit back a few years ago.
The hor fan here is smooth and tender.. and the taste of the soup is nice as well.

Other than that, it is said that one of the famous delicious in ipoh which is the bean sprout here is big and fat comparing to other places. Hehe…
Lastly is the popiah. The popiah here is served dry comparing Penang will be the soupy type. Besidesyou can find some crunchy fried little prawns inside which make it even nice. The taste is simply different

Chee cheong fan: 3/5
Hor Fan :3/5
Bean Sprout :3/5

Thean Chun
73, Jalan Bandar Timah,
30000 Ipoh

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