Chicky Meals @ Popeyes, Mid Valley

I had spotted a place to grab some KFC alike food which is a Fast Food .. in Mid Valley.. While spending my time in Mid Valley. I spotted this shop at the basement of Mid Valley which is nearby the Jusco are. The place is opposite Mc D as well. The shop here name Popeyes.. de first think comes to my mind is not chicky but is spinach more.

I went there with dear and we had a set of the Chicken meal set which comes with 2 pc chicken a coleslaw and a mashed potato. The bun is simply not the same like is called a biscuits. As for the coleslaw, the taste is not bad and the potato is nice like what you get from GSC potato machine.

The chicken taste is simply very alike to KFC and if you are getting the KFC flavor of chicken to compare with Popeyes, it can say is cannot be compared at all in any how.. the taste is really a like.

Overall the meal is nice and delighting .

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 9.90
(comes with Spicy Chicken 2pcs, Coleslaw, Biscuit, Mashed Potato and a Ice Lemon Tea)
Address: Popeye, Mid Valley LG

Posted By : StrawberrY Gal
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  1. Wind says

    Yes compare to KFC and MC D their chicken do are a bit dissapointed but i am agree with you vivien, their mash potatoes do taste much better compare to lot of fast food out there and with the mixture of mince chicken and the sauce make the mash taste more amaze…

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