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Zen Sushi is actually my first time visit as dear brought me there for my birthday meal. Thanks dear. This post seems like a bit late as I was currently busy with work and have not much time to write. So, this one can said to be back dated a month or two ago.

Zen Sushi is actually located around the Gardens and Mid Valley. It can said to be the middle point of the two malls. Since we are bored with Sushi King, we had our plan for some sushi shops which we had not tasted before and we spotted this when we are on the way of searching for food though.

We din order much as both of us are kinda full since we had our side course buy and eat when we are on the way shopping inside the mall. We had been purchasing some little food non stop like donuts, drinks and kuih inside the mall.

So, for this time, we are going for less.. haha.. SO, what we ordered is a ika. Ika is one of the Japanese kind of squids which is sliced and added with rice. I can say the taste is fresh and nice.

Other than that, we ordered both my favorite which is tamago maki and kappa maki. Both this is my favorite where one is make of egg and another one is some sorts of vege. The taste is nice a lot comparing to the one I had in Sakae.

We also ordered a softshell crab which it absolutely nice and delicious. The crab is well fried and you can feel a taste of bites of oily smell. Overall the taste is simply delighting and delicious and you can even eat on its shell as well.

Unagi as well is another one that I had ordered and it comes with three pieces of unagi and a roll. The three unagi is different which comes with premium ell, normal ell, ell omelet and lastly a roll.

All over I can say the meal is simply delighting and is my favorite of all. Comparing on service, the service is not really good .. haiz..

Taste: Overall 4/5
Sushi Zen.
LG, K02, Lower Ground,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2282 6160
HP: 012- 703 6160
Business Hours: 10 am – 10 pm
Web: www.supersushi.com.my

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