Western at Tesco Selayang

Our meal this time will be heading to the Tesco at Selayang Mall. We are going for a shopping around that area and ended we had our dinner there. Both of us does not notice that the mall does have a food court and i spotted them when dear was in the mist of paying the things we purchased.

So, after we went for a survey to see if a yes or a no to have them.. we both ended to say is a YES. Food there is consider affordable compare having them in malls. So, what we both ordered is a black pepper chicken rice set as well as a set of sweet butter chicken set from the western stall there. Other than that, i ordered a kiwi smoothies which is the stall of Station One to taste.

Yeah.. now is meal time, my black pepper chicken rice set comes with chicken and the black pepper sauce is kinda spicy. The set is served hot and sizzling as there is a hot plate there. If you grab a taste of it, it is real nice and cheap one. Bare in mind is just the chicken is not the drumstick meat and its breast meat… thats a bit disappointing for me since i don really love chicken breast meat.

As for dear, the sauce is kinda sweet and make the whole meal like sweety meal.. haha. The taste is quite special and nice and it is also nice to taste.

As for the kiwi, it is so so … the taste is not bad.. and it melts real fast. The taste is still nice and fine .. just i still prefer KTZ one.. hehe

Black Pepper Chicken Set: 4/5
Butter Chicken Set: 4/5
Kiwi Dessert: 3/5

Black Pepper Chicken Set: RM 5.90
Butter Chicken Set: RM 5.90
Kiwi Dessert: RM 3.50

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