Pop corn chicken@ Glutton Street, Teluk Intan

Glutton Street Food Court can be said to be one of the famous food court in Teluk Intan where you can find numerous dishes and snacks there. For this time, me and dear went for our snacks at there where we saw a new stall which serves Pop Corn Chicken which attracts us to order.

The pop corn chicken is actually having 2 choices to choose if you like to have them in ala-carte or either in a set which comes with a juice with an additional of RM1.

The popcorn chicken is actually well fried and then additional of red pepper to be added for the spiciness of the food. But for me and dear, we don even think that this is sweet oops…Overall I can say that the taste is not bad but the drinks is very sweety

Rate: 2/5
Price: RM 4

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