Plus 1 shabu shabu @ New Wing, 1- Utama

Plus 1 Shabu Shabu is one of the Japanese style steamboat meal which the shop is located at 1-Utama. This time dear had his lunch with his collegue there.. which this one is written based on dear’s comment on the food itself.

As he had it in the afternoon, the price of the food should be a bit more cheaper than the usual day itself for dinner. The place is kinda cozy and highclass and each person are having their own set of steamboat and shabu shabu. There is a bit of difference comparing the Chinese style steamboat and the Japanese style shabu shabu. Though Shabu shabu from Malaysia might be difference from Japan, but the difference of this Japanese steamboat and the Chinese steamboat is there are not sharing the same wok.. and it can be considered the lonely steamboat.. as what I always say and more hygienic..hehehe…

Here comes the menu.. which they offers a choices of food and soup for you to choose..and there is a add on menu for your shabu shabu if you think you don have enough.. lol.

While waiting for food, dear snap the cutlery set as well as the lighting in the restaurant.

the cultary set


The lighting was dim and nice one to do …and is kinda cozy and sentimental type inside which makes a real difference of having steamboat.

While waiting, dear also snap the shabu shabu place.. and where the pot of hot soup will be going to be situated.. and being served with the hot pot.

Food choice

The set

Later on, they served with the set of the steamboat ingridients which is just a normal one like the mushrooms, veges and some seafood. As for the set wise- you can choose to have the beef or either seafood since some people does not prefer beef. Other than that, there is a varies kind of sauce to add in to your food like ketchup, chilly sauce, thai sauce and many more to choose to add in.

Overall, dear says that the meal is so so only.. and the soup base is kinda weird. So, what he rate ?
Taste: 2/5
Location: Plus 1 Shabu Shabu, New Wing 1-Utama Shopping Complex

GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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