Penang road chendol

Penang road chendol can say is one of the most famous chendol in Malaysia and my this trip back to Penang had been a must for the chendol. This time, I am with my new toy- my DSLR Camera for a better captured and more indepth and a nearer view.

As a well known stall in Penang, you can see from far.. the stall is mostly pack of people who are waiting to be served on the chendol itself. This stall provides a nice and oishi chendol..and service was kinda fast as well. They are located along Penang Road where it is nearby KOMTAR. They also have a branch in Perangin Mall as well if you planned to have them at the air condition mall.

See, the Chendol which is simply delicious with the ice and the big red beans..We ordered 2 bowls this time.. since I am crazy craving Chendol when I am in KL.. hahhaa…

This is the seller or the owner.. a handsome owner who serves you with delicious chendol as well as ais kachang

When dear was having his chendol, I snap the pictures of him having the chendol.. which you can see how much ingredients are there inside the chendol.

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 1.90
Along Penang Road.

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