Melaka durian chendol, chendol , Nyonya Laksa and Yong Tau Fu at Jonker 88, Jonker street

In our trip to Melaka, we never miss the authentic Malacca Chendol which is a suprise for me. There have two types of Chendol in Melaka which one is the normal chendol with Gula Melaka ( Brown Sugar) and another is the Durian Chendol. So, me and dear ordered both of this to taste.

The Chendol which is the normal one is full of santan and Gula Melaka where it is very sweet compare to the Penang chendol. Ingridient wise is the same except Penang chendol does not have gula Melaka on it. Overall the taste is not bad except too sweet

As for durian chendol, the taste of the strong smell from the king of fruit is there. This is where the slices of the flash of the king of fruit is scattered around the chendol itself as an addittional ingredients or to say an Add-On on to the chendol itself. This one is even sweeter as the chendol itself with the Gula Melaka is considerable sweet and with the add on of the durian fresh, the taste is even more sweeter than ever

Overall, i still prefer Penang chendol.. but the taste is really special and with the special old historical house i am sitting to enjoy the chendol .. 😛

We also ordered the Nyonya laksa as well as the Yong Tau Fu to try. The Nyonya Laksa is some sort of Lemak Laksa to me and the taste is not much delighting. The ingridients i can say there is a different taste of it where Penang Laksa is more sour and for this is more spicy instead.

As for the Yong Tau Fu, the taste is so so .. Not really to say is really nice but taste buds wise is acceptable

Yong tau fu

Chendol: 3/5
Durian Chendol: 4/5
Nyonya Laksa: 3/5
Yong Tau Fu: 3/5

RM 2.50 for normal chendol
RM 3.50 for Durian Chendol
RM 4.00 for Nyonya Laksa

Jonker 88,
Jalan Hang Jebat,

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