Mee rebus @ Taman Ros, Teluk Intan

One of the famous Mee Rebus stall is located in Teluk Intan where dear took me back to his hometown to try for that. The Mee Rebus shop had been opened a long time ago and it is said to have a few branches in the town. The food wise is simply nice.

What I can say about the mee rebus is the taste is very nice and the sauce is not too starchy. There is nice taufu and egg added into the mee as well as tau kua and others as well. The most famous is the boiled noodle served with a gravy that is both (moderately) spicy and sweet called ‘Mee Rebus’; the most famous being from Mastan Ghani. besides the famous mee rebus they also served Nasi Kandar.

The shop only opened during the late morning till evening. So, if you have got a chance you can go there to have a try. As for the drinks, we just snap them since we had ordered them

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3.00 for the Mee Rebus
3, Jalan Sultan Abdullah, Taman Ros
Teluk Intan, Perak 36000
Tel : 05-6226644

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