Meals @ Pizza Milano, 1-Utama

Pizza Milano is also a place you can have pizza as well some Itally style of food. This restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of 1-Utama which I can say it is nearby a place called TGV Cinema at the old wing of the complex itself.

The menu you can see is here are many choices of food which you can have from nice yummy pizza to spaghetti and most of all is more for Italy style kind of food. In this shop, while dear waiting for his food, he snap some pictures of the sauce available in the shop.

Here comes the meal, some of his colleague ordered a different meal of all which you can see there is chicken pasta, beef pasta, and also seafood pasta. Sea food Pasta can be said is nice as you can find some seafood which includes shrimps inside.

According to dear, the meal of both the chicken pasta and the beef pasta is nice as well. I had not tasted as so not much comments on the food itself. Accordingly, the taste is not bad for both the pasta.

Lastly, they had a pizza as well and what I understand from dear, the pizza is said to be affordable and the price is worth to eat price. What I can say is it is worth for money.

Taste: Overall: 3/5
Venue: Plaza Milano, 3rd Floor 1- Utama Old Wing
GPS: 3.119947,101.620885

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