Meals in ming tian food court

Ming Tian food court is a choice of food I can say as you can find a variety of food from Chinese to Western there. This time me and dear went there for our dinner.

Dear ordered the bihun soup which the taste is quite nice. The bihun is just the normal bihun but the ingridients like the fish is simply fresh and delighting. It can say is very nice.

As for me, I ordered Penang Har Mee which is called Hokkien Mee in Penang. The taste wise is not bad and is nice. It has some taste of Penang and a Penang feel kind of taste. The taste is nice and delighting as well. Besides, I can see that, they put plenty of little prawns inside which I love the most.

This time, we din order the jumbo drink but what I ordered is some desserts.. There are plenty of desserts which are served here. As for me and dear, dear ordered tutti fruiti and I ordered strawberry fruiti. Looking at both of it there is not much different.

Dear tutti fruiti comes with cut oranges, kiwi, jellys, watermelon and more.. Then added with some greeny kind of syrup and ice.

As for me, the ingredients is kind of similar but I have extras of pineapples as well. The syrup will be strawberry type.

Carolynn ordered the peach jelly and I supposed hers is the nicest of all which is the combination of jelly and peach with ice.. hehe

Fish Head bihun soup: 3/5
Penang Har Mee: 4/5
Desserts: 2/5

Ming Tien
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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