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Kim Gary had been my favorite since it open his first branch in Penang.. and being a Kim Gary fans, this time I went with dear to Kim Gary for meal. This time we went together with dear’s cousin. So, as for monthly coupons I bought, I am entitled for a free meal which is the Yin Yong Soup. For this time, dear ordered the Ham Toast while his cousin ordered the Fish Cheese Rice and lastly me ordered the Minced Pork Vegetable Wantan Shanghai Mee Soup.

The meal started from his cousin set which is the Fish Cheese Rice Set which comes with a dessert, soup and a drink. The desert will be the soya red bean dessert. It is a soyabean jelly with an additional of red bean at the top. The taste has a bit of red bean taste. Not bad.

As for drink, he ordered the tropical fruit juice which was simply delighting as well. Overall I can say the juice is really refreshing.

I ordered tea.. the tea is kinda very umpph .. as it has a great taste of the tea.. and I love them a lot as well

As for dear he ordered my favorite pomelo drink which tastes simply nice and delighting as well. The taste of the pomelo drink can be said to be simply nice and I love it so so much which I can’t resist to drink all of them immediately. The pomelo drink has the pomelo bits with some honey inside and is seems like soothing your throat as well.

The yin yong soup is nice but it is a promo item. There is a combination of pork wantan as well as chicken wantan in the soup. As for this, it is not for sale.. so not much comment.

As for dear, the toast bread is simply delighting which I can say I love it the most as well. The ham I supposed is pork ham but the bread mixing with the ham which can make the taste nice and oishi.. I think I can grab this for meal as it is so nice and delighting 😛

And lastly here comes mine, is my usual dish whenever I am in Kim Gary and I can say I love this a lot. Oishi desu..and what I like is the mee.

Last and foremost, the fish cheese rice set and the soup had arrived. The soup is really delighting and creamy when served hot. The size is not very big and it is well served for a person,

As for the fish cheese rice, the taste is simply nice and superb which I can say is delighting as well. From, his cousin view, the taste is nice but there is not much fish meat inside.

Overall the meal took us about RM 40 for everything.

Fish Cheese Baked Rice: 3/5
Ham Toast: 4/5
Minced Pork Vege Wantan Shanghai Mee Soup: 4/5

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