Wan Tan Mee and Yong Tau Fu @ Wong Kok Teluk Intan

Back to Teluk Intan, and dear brought me to another coffeeshop which named Wong Kok.. wondering** why so many coffeeshop love the name “Wong Kok” .. hehe.. This coffeeshop is recomended by dear’s mum for the oishi food in this shop… and you can find most of everything nice there.

One of the recommended breakfast by his mum is the wan tan mee which I felt is oishi and nice as well. Is not so comparison but the nice taste of this wan tan mee is really good. The mee is well cooked and what I like the most is the mee does no have the smell of the kan sui which make it nice.

Overall I can say the meal is delighting and cheap and nice

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3

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