Mi cong Yin , Ipoh

Our trip to Ipoh this time is furnish with Mee Zhong Yuen ( which literally translate will be Graduate Mee) .. kinda funny name. This place is recomended by dear to have since we do not know what to have this time. This shop is located at Taman Ipoh. and you can see this plcae is packed with people during early morning.

Mee zhong yuen is not much special except the base is more for pork lovers as most of the ingredients are made of pork mostly. With this, we can have a taste of the pork a lot and ovwerall the taste is not bad.

Besides there is also the fried sui kao which is nice. This is because the taste is extremely nice and delighting as well as crispy.. One word OISHI..

Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 8.50

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  1. Samuel says

    Better options of pork noodles in Hor Lok Restaurant, Greentown… This outlet charges exhorbitantly, even empty bowl for kids is charged RM0.50

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