Meals @ Zheng Mun Restaurant , Kepong

AS me and dear do not know where to have our dinner, we headed to Kepong and we tried finding for yummy food.. and we spotted this shop which is kind of far and not much people visit place. Me too. So, when we reach with our hungry stomach without hesitation we ordered what glance in our mind..

Dear ordered the Ku Lok Yok rice which is simply delicious. The ku lok yok is well cooked tenderly and they had a very nice sauce as well. What is not so nice is just they provide a very less sauce only which is a pity.. and if next time I am going there I need to remind the cook for more gravy

As for me, I love Sweet and Sour Fish Rice and this is really nice and oishi. The fish is really nice and tender and it is sliced fish and being fried before added with the sweet and sour sauce. The taste is simply superb.. and I can say it is much recommended.

Lastly is the Yin Yong Mee which is not recommended. This is because the mee is soft and crispy. Futhermore is salty…and the overall of the taste is not nice.

Ku Lok Yok Rice: 4/5
Sweet and Sour Fish Rice:4/5
Yin Yong Mee:1/5

Ku Lok Yok Rice: RM5
Sweet and Sour Fish Rice:RM6.50
Yin Yong Mee:RM 4.50

Jalan Daya 7, Kepong

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