Meals @ SS2 Wai sek kai, PJ

This time we had our dinner at the Wai SeK Kai and dear ordered a nasi lemak where the queue is kinda long.. seeing a long queue , it should have a good taste, neverless It does not disappoint us waiting and queuing so long.. the nasi lemak taste was very nice and very temptating. Besides, the gravy of the curry is nice as well as the rice has a nice smell of coconut .. Good one.. and recommended

As for me I ordered the yong tau fu which is yucks.. the ingredients does not taste nice.. and not fresh though.. Overall, I can say I am wasting money ordering the food.

The leng chi kang was nothing special… just a bit sweet

Nasi Lemak: 5/5
Yong Tau Fu: 0/5
Leng Chi Kang: 3/5

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