herbal soup rice @ AH Yip Herbal , Pavillion

This weekend, we went for Pavillion for meal as I was thinking to have an oishi nice favorite donut. Haiz.. as so, not much choice since I love J.co so much which I need to head to Pavillion to get them

After having donuts and walking to survey on camera’s which both me and dear would like to get a more professional camera. we ended up having them at the high class food court of the mall. Haha .. is really a high class food court le. It is at the Republic. So, what we ordered is the Ah Yip Herbal Soup Rice Set which it comes with a set of rice, Soup of your choice as well as braises steam chicken.

What I can say of the meal? Em… it is nutritious meal since everything is steaming and the thing I like the most is they have my favorite soup which is the scallop groundnut chicken soup is really very nice. What you can find in the soup inclusive of chicken feet or maybe there will be meat lol.. as well as kei chi, red dates and scallop.. which all this is good for health

So, this consider our healthy meal of the day.. the food wise is simply delicious and I love it so so much.. which I will come back to grab a bowl.. if I got Pavillion Crazy fever..haha.. to shop dere..:P

Taste: 5/5
Price: RM 9.90

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