Desserts @ Kafe all inn, Ipoh

Kafe All Inn is one of the café which served desserts in Ipoh. They served desserts which are mainly normal cooling desserts and thong yuen as well. The location of the shop is located around Jalan Market.

Here comes the menu , which listed all types of leong cha and dessert availability in the shop. This includes ABC and all which the menu is really capturing me to taste everything inside.

At the end, I ordered the thong yuen for a try since it has been so long I din taste them already. The thong yuen had given me a big disappointment as the inside is really very hard and its too sticky. It really sticks along my teeth when I really bite on it. Futhermore, the taste of the ginger is too much which I don even can bare with it.. haiz

As for the san mai lo.. is really a failure as is totally don taste nice at all. The ice really melts at the first .. and the taste is more to the rose syrup rather than san mai lo.. A failure as well for this


Thong Yuen: 0/5
San Mai Lo:0/5

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