Curry Mee @ Restaurant Chong Hwa, Gombak

Went to have Curry Mee for breakfast in Gombak.It had been awhile i din have my breakfast there and this time, i went there with dear to have our breakfast. So, we went to have our breakfast at Restaurant Chong Hwa which is located at Jalan S2/3.

Since i saw dim sum, I din resist to order a plate to have a try and the dim sum taste was not bad. I can say is still acceptable and nice.
I ordered this for RM 1.80 per plate which the taste is kinda delighting

We also ordered the Curry Mee. I ordered a small one while dear ordered the normal size. As usual, you can choose to have mee, bihun or mixture of both. It also have a choice to have “ham”( a kind of shell seafood) in it with an extra charges. The usual one will come with taugeh ( beansprout) and some taufu there and a few prawns.
The taste wise is still ok not too bad.

Overall is a satisfying breakfast but a kinda big bowl one.. I am full

3/5 for dim sum
3/5 for curry mee

Price: RM 11.50 for 2 bowls of curry mee ( a medium and a small) + 2 drinks

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