Bentong Chee cheong fan along Kedai Kopi Kwong Seng, Bentong, Pahang

One of the most famous food in Bentong is the chee cheong fan. According to Chun Man, he says whenever there is festive season, u can see many people and visitors will be coming down to purchase the chee cheong fun.

The chee cheong fun is indeed is a very nice one that i had taste before, This stall is located along the Pavement of Kedai Kopi Kwong Seng.

The chee cheong fan here is a bit special which i can say is a bit of combination of Penang Chee Cheung Fan and Yong Tau fu. The taste is nice..and i love the ingridients they had there.We din get the chee cheong fan since we are going to try for more food. so we taste only the ingridients which is really superb

It is so nice as it was just freshly deep fried…and the taste is incredible ichiban

Need to go again for a try .. Yeah!!

Taste: 5/5

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